2013 Shel Dorf Awards: Nomination Process Open

The nomination process for the 2013 Shel Dorf Awards is now open! The Shel Dorf Awards are different from other industry awards as the fans control the power.

You are able to nominate your favorites for:

Writer of the Year

The Shelf Dorf Awards

The Shelf Dorf Awards

Penciler of the Year

Inker of the Year

Colorist of the Year

Editor of the Year

Cover Artist of the Year

Letterer of the Year

Mini Series of the Year

Original Graphic Novel of the Year

Web Comic of the Year

Syndicated Print Strip of the Year

Comic to Multi-Media Adaption of the Year

Comic Blogger of the Year

Continuing Series of the Year

Self Published Comic of the Year

Kid’s Comic of the Year

The Jerry Bails Comic Book Fandom Award

Once all of the nominations have been tallied, it is time to vote for the winners. This will happen as the calendar closes in on Detroit Fanfare Comic Con. Keep your eye on this page to learn when to vote for the winners. Until then, make sure you stop by to let your voice be heard.

To nominate for the 2013 Shel Dorf Awards, please follow this link.

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