Shel Dorf Award Winners 2010

The Shel Dorf Awards are in honor of Shel Dorf who helped to create the comic conventions we love today. He started in Detroit with Triple Fan Fair before moving to San Diego to help launch what is known as San Diego Comic Con today.  After the first year of only special presentations, each year, fans vote for their favorite titles and creators and the awards are presented during the Detroit Fanfare, usually held in the fall in Dearborn, MI.

The Shelf Dorf Awards

The Shelf Dorf Awards

The awards honor creators in many categories but also honor those who help keep fandom alive such as Favorite Blogger and the special Jerry Bails Comic Book Fandom award—-For Excellence in the Pursuit of the Essence of Comic Fandom.

Other Special Awards include the Torch Bearer’s Award for life achievement in preserving the spirit of comics forward.

The Shel Dorf Legacy Award is given to those who helped shape the industry through a lifetime of innovation and work.

2010 Shel Dorf Award Winners

For the first year of the convention, there was only the presentation of Special Awards in honor of those who lent themselves to establishing such a great legacy.

Shel Dorf Torch Bearer’s Award“For Preserving the Flame of the Spirit of Comics and Carrying the Torch Forward in the Comic Industry.”

—-Awarded to Greg Theakston, Marcus Giles, and Carl Lundgren

Shel Dorf: Legacy of Comics Award“For Shaping the Industry through a Lifetime of Innovation and Work”

—-Awarded to Stan Lee

Jerry Bails Comic Book Fandom award: “For Excellence in the Pursuit of the Essence of Comic Fandom”

—-Awarded to Jean Bails

Shel Dorf Fandom Award-

A special award for unusual circumstances.  The first was given to Michael Dorf for his gracious work in allowing Detroit Fanfare to reclaim Shel and his legacy.

Shel Dorf Awards

Shel Dorf Awards

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